Reasons for dating an architect 10 Reasons NOT To Date An Architect

Reasons for dating an architect, lc 43 studio

Attending college in Chicago I never pulled an all nighter nor drank coffee.

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They rather pay for a font than for a special birthday gift. Where can I begin?

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Next Article The Art of Rendering: Architects are a special breed - an eclectic contradiction of artist and engineer, dreamer and realizer, Simon and Garfunkel. Oops… Something didn't work. They are passionate about what they do. Architectural visualization is the most important communication tool for designers.

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Today we hired an English major to be a project superintendent. I used juxtapose in one meeting where screeding and drywall partitioning are concerned and everybody spaced out except for the woman Architect fronting me.

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I usually give them the stare and they move out of the way. They have amazing dress sense.


Architects are creative, hard working and talented individuals. The vast majority of which your architect has actually read. Now back to work… 8.

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Therefore, anything you read on this site is not a substitute for actually working with me. And they have to be. Also, without a plan, things can fall apart pretty badly, and so it becomes part of their daily routine to think of the future.

2 | They Are Great At Parties

Just think of all the benefits. According to that same study, an even higher percentage of architects hate washing dishes. We recommend you use one of these fantastic and free!