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Orthodox jewish matchmaking services

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We are well aware that searching for your zivug can be an arduous journey at times. I am referring to many excellent frum boys and girls who have a medical issue or some physical disability. We offer a super useful and special feature where you choose who views your profile: It's quite elementary, we just want to help!

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Orthodox Jewish Singles - Home. Names remain only within our group of shadchanim and are revealed to a prospective match only after we receive the appropriate consent. The BSN site only allows you to update your own shidduch profile, no profile browsing. Join the KYS nation!

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So, what are you waiting for? KYS invites all singles and shadchanim to take advantage of our easy access database.

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There are over matchmakers on this site. The life of Orthodox Jews. Using a matchmaker is quite different than going on singles Jewish cruises, but can be just as fun as long as one has good intentions.

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They are only able to help those who are truly committed to trying to find a partner for life. The goals are to find a shidduch for everyone, using a personal touch, and to treat each person with sensitivity and compassion. Learn about the prohibition of having sex during Niddah - menstrual period.

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Lovingkindness is one such site that Orthodox Jewish singles can use to find matchmakers. Orthodox Jewish singles have so many options orthodox jewish matchmaking services it comes to finding a match. This team of matchmakers is dedicated to being honest and only sharing correct and true information with those who use their site.

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Taharat Hamishpacha - Family Purity laws. These women specialize in connecting ba'alei tshuvah, or those returning to the Jewish faith, and they have over 30 years of experience. Saw You at Sinai is a great site that is highly personalized and discreet, with over 1, successful matches made, and over 30, members, as well as programs and events.

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We believe that bringing singles and shadchanim under one roof will open infinite connections that can lead to unlimited dates and shidduchim.