Lefton marks dating Lefton marks dating

Lefton marks dating

Today, George Zoltan Lefton's company is the leading producer of ceramic giftware in the world.

Those made from to will also include "Made in Occupied Japan" as a part of the identifying markings. Over the years the Lefton Company has produced numerous products that are highly sought after by collectors including, but not limited to, cookie jars, mark dating items, figurines, teapots, jam jars, planters, pitchers, shakers, Red Hat pieces, wall pockets and head vases.

Production in the s and beyond moved cascada dating Taiwan and Malaysia.

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Lefton China produced in Occupied Japan included a wide range of pieces, dating from to Low Prices - High Quality: Although Lefton made his living in Hungary in sportswear, his passion for fine porcelain turned from a hobby into a business when he founded the Lefton Company in in Chicago. When Pearl Harbor was bombed inmany Japanese-owned businesses in Chicago were looted. Lefton China Brown Bud Vases lot of 2. To learn more, our Antique Collector Bookstore marks dating only the best collector books and price guides, complied by surveys of top antique dealers and auction marks dating.

Genuine Lefton items carry marks, identification numbers, and paper labels, although some were sold with only one of the three. Browse Categories With Pictures: The resale value of an item will be higher if all identifying marks are present, such as the fired-on ID number and fired -on Crown, other fired-on lettering. George Zoltan Lefton had always admired the quality and workmanship in finer Japanese and oriental porcelain, and after the end of World War II he pursued business relationships in post-war Occupied Japan to export Japanese porcelain to America through his company.

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The company was founded by this new immigrant from Hungary after he arrived in Chicago, Illinois in and established the company in As such, styles and colors are more helpful in dating Lefton China. The company's marks have changed over the course of production, but most were used for long periods of time and lack any definitive dating marks.

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Collector Books, Reviews, Education. The Allies' plan was to help Japan rebuild and grow, but not to allow Japan to have the manufacturing capabilities to rearm itself. The quality and price were both good on Lefton China pieces from this period.

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Tableware is also available in a variety of shades, shapes and sizes. Be careful using paper labels as the only means of identification.

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Designs ranged from delicate, formal pieces with gold edging and soft floral patterns to the whimsical and playful designs of the s. Antique Price Guides Slideshow.

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Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Shopping. Lefton Raised Deco Bisque Vase Pottery and porcelain manufacturing fit into the areas of acceptability as set by General Douglas McArthur and the Allies. Japan was occupied by the Allied forces with its unconditional surrender in August of Production under the Lefton China label continues today. Just in time, in fact, because Chicago residents moved through the streets identifying Japanese citizens, threatening bodily harm and destroying every Japanese owned business they could reach until law and order was restored.

Lefton heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor, and without any fanfare, proceeded to board up the unprotected glass front of his Japanese friend's business.

For a different shopping experience, you can also browse our featured selections in a fun new way mark dating the Antique Price Guides Slideshow or see current Amazon. Ever been fooled by a fake or a seller that didn't deliver the goods as described?

Lefton Vase, or Lefton Collectible Vase.

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Thanks for stopping by! Collector Books Topic Search. This highly coveted Lefton Collector's Itemwhich carries both the fired-on mark and the paper label along with the ID number is in remarkably good condition considering its age.