Hook up macbook pro to surround sound How To… Get Digital Audio From Your Mac To Your Receiver

Hook up macbook pro to surround sound

They provide the preamp boost that you need to bring up audio levels for instruments and mics. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Helpful answers All replies. Then use a Toslink cable to connect your Mac Mini to the soundcard. You can use a third-party audio interface to record yourself singing or playing a musical instrument on your Mac.

With the Right Settings, Your Mac Can Play Back Surround Sound

However, movies that are purchased or rented usually do include surround information. So when using a program such as Logic Pro in which you can mix 5. Kudos for the checklist here.

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The problem may be that the adaptor between the optical cable and the headphone port on the back of the Mac is loose or dirty. Updated June 05, Call them and they will be happy to discuss your setup.

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If there is an optical in on the HK, then it will process the signal. If you don't see a surround track, but you do see multiple audio tracks, you may need to try each one to see which is the surround track.

Go to "Preferences" and click on the "Disc Setup" tab. Attaching an audio interface You can use a third-party audio interface to record yourself singing or playing a musical instrument on your Mac. I am trying to set up my late 15" MacBook Pro to work with my Bose surround sound system.

Most models before early are not able to output multi-channel audio. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. When testing the speakers you may have to use the drop downs under each speaker to change the numbers for which speaker is where. Let me know if you come by a good resolution. I only mean to say they add steps if you want a more advanced experience, either way thanks for the article! I have a follow-up question to this original post I have been able to output 5.

Play and stream music from your Mac, iPod, or iPad

Not all videos contain a surround track. Here I have to ask do I have to set the format at a sample rate of 44, When I hook up macbook pro to surround sound 2chbit Integer after that, nothing happens, not even the internal speakers work.

Everything looks right, the volume is shown as expected, but no sound. Ask other users about this article Wait It may be due to my TV actually being hooked up to the receiver at the same time as the iMac, so instead of just decoding audio, the computer thinks I'm trying to use my TV as an external monitor which only uses two channel audio. Connect headphones and speakers Macs have built-in speakers, but you can also connect a set of headphones or external speakers to your computer.

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If you don't see your interface in the list, make sure that you've installed the correct driver. Hello, I have creative 5. If surround-sound content plays on only two speakers of a 5-speaker or more surround-sound setup, it might indicate a configuration problem with the speakers, or that the application being used to play the content on the Mac doesn't support surround sound output.

Cancel reply Leave a Comment. Sincerely, John Chase Reply. You can then select Configure Speakers, Multichannel and 5.

Connect your home stereo to a Mac

Will be hooking up to my receiver. This might be called "Record" or "Tape Out" on some receivers. Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities. Click the "Multichannel" tab.