Garcia dating criminal minds Penelope Garcia

Garcia dating criminal minds

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She is very confident in her ability to find answers, and often answers her office phone with a know-it-all, yet joking, attitude e.

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Garcia is extremely close to JJ and Emily Prentiss. However, the rather unusual tension between Penelope and newcomer Luke Alvez has left some fans wondering if there's a possibility that the two may explore a romantic relationship down the road.

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Though some members of the show's audience would like to see the characters together romantically the most vocal of these viewers are usually known as 'shippers'the show has kept their relationship strictly platonic. You seem to be logged out. She has managed to remain so, even though the job occasionally requires her to dig into people's secret lives, to "find the god-awful thing that happened to them that made them do the god-awful thing to someone else".


She changes her appearance in the process to look more professional. Each member brings his or her own area of expertise to the table as they pinpoint predators' motivations and identify their emotional triggers in the attempt to stop them.

My spin as an actor was different than what I had written as a writer, or what I knew as a writer.

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I really enjoy the special relationship between Penelope and Derek. It is obvious that Morgan and Garcia are both flirts, with no lack of self-confidence, but their similarities do not end there.

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She has broken down, crying several times while listening to and watching terrifying things in her office as she analyzes them for the dating criminal minds. Morgan seems to bond with every child the team comes into contact with and Garcia works with victims and their families, even in her off-hours.

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She has stated that after her datings criminal minds died, she dropped out of the California Institute of Technology, went "underground" but continued to teach herself computer coding, and became a Goth. In the episode " Demons ", she shot a nurse who was attempting to kill Reid while he was recovering in a Texas hospital after being shot in the neck by a suspect. The attacker who turned out to be a type of serial killer known as a 'hero homicide' was later killed. As a result, she was relocated to an old room in the BAU headquarters, but she continued her normal operations in assisting the BAU in cases.

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He then tries comforting Garcia with tea before they discern JJ and Cruz's location. However, being unable to personally access a list of people reading the reports, Kevin tells Hotch he is " going to need a tie ". According to Shane, she did so because she wanted to do something more useful and noble than violating and vandalizing websites. I play Mona Livingston who is a fem fatale lounge singer.

Criminal Minds

Some cases seem to eat away at Garcia, as she often gets nervous or upset when analyzing video or sound recordings of murders or other serious crimes. Criminal Minds airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.

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Can you talk a little bit about how you and Shemar made that happen? JJ joked that Garcia belonged to that list when she unsuccessfully tried to hack the CIA for information on Princess Diana 's death and other alleged government conspiracies namely, she found Prince William 's phone number, but couldn't find a pen to write matchmaking templates down before killing her computer. Often, she has to listen to and watch them over and over again.