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But I know that platonic relationships school teacher dating site become romantic, and romantic can become platonic. I am so passionately in love with a venus in aquarius woman.

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They will spend the most on their family and close friends, as well as on building their homes. This combination is definitely one of the easier pairings. She believes in forgiving and forgetting. There are basically two things missing in him and they are intuition and casual feelings.

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Both of you value freedom, growth, and independence in love relationships. Kaira I think a lot of men are really affectionate one day then detached the next. Chances are you showcase your uniqueness in the way you look and dress and you may well see yourself and your image as a work of art — even if it defies the trend.

All of these signs indicate homosexuality and it is true I am drawn to men as dating venus in aquarius as women.

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You value peace and not only believe in equality, you treat people with equality in practice. I just want to love, but i feel so alone sometimes. You cant take it out of context to the chart as a whole.

Venus in Virgo people often spend their money with care, and usually on practical items instead of frivolous ones. I will win you over.

Love Sign Compatibility: Comparing Venus Signs in Astrology

But your search for a fellow rebel can lead you into broken heart territory when that revolutionary partner turns out just not to care about you — or anything else for that matter. So how does one know when a Venus Aquarius person is truly interested romantically? But dating venus in aquarius is more of a Sagittarian value. He is independent enough to solve his own issues and does not depend on the relationship to run his life. It can be much more revealing to compare Venus signs in romantic relationships!

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B on October 12, at 4: Borders and boundaries blur under Venus in Pisces. Recycling old ideas, pointless traditions, suburban thinking, routine, boredom and getting stuck in a rut.

He is attracted to women who are artsy, romantic and feminine.

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They are somewhat fickle when it comes to their attachment to objects and personal possessions, and they seek variety in the things that they own. I will try my absolute best to make It up with that person and I love the bonds etc et. Enthusiasm, a sense of humor and light-heartedness are what stimulate him.

Deeply passionate relations are desired with Venus in Scorpio.

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But when one has venus in Aries, the opposite seems to be true, except romance is cool and not as strong, even the Venus factor partner seems to "want it" more than the other spouse. While not the most spontaneous of partners, they are generally quite constant and true in love. The shadow side of this position is allowing themselves to be victimized or deluded, as well as evasiveness.

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Find all posts by feather in the wind. Recently have had a man interested in me and been urged by friends to look into it.

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