Dating parker 51 Where Are The Date Codes On A Parker 51?

Dating parker 51

Phil Edited by philm, 05 February - Nibs were available in a very dating parker 51 range of point sizes.

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Thus, a pen with a date code of 46 was made in the fourth quarter of From tothe year letter is the first character. Dating a Parker 51 I looked up on Richard Binder's website the dating system for Parker, but my 51 does not match any of them.

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It was filled via a button at the end of the short barrel blindcap, encased by red threads made of either plastic early or aluminum later. All pens were still available as single or double jewel, in the same range of colors.

The year was started with three dots and as the year progressed, a dot was ground-off the die, as follows. Although identical in diameter, it was shorter, giving the pen a much better balanced look. Here is a thread with a bit more info on the matter: Dating a Parker 51 I'm no expert, and others are, who eventually will see this thread and chime in.

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This is not the case. I have seen Blue Diamond clips with three different placements of the Blue Diamond itself:.

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The Parker51 website has lots of pages showing different cap styles, if you'd like to browse those. I've got lots of 51s, some of which don't contain a date on the barrel. I have seen no pens in these colors that bear date codes.

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Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. The last aerometric demi was made inand I have found one with the breather hole moved to the side of the barrel, a change that took place around the same time. There were also the stainless-steel Flighter; a gold-filled dating parker 51 called the Signet; and a solid gold version, the Presidential.

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During the s, Wing developed further improvements. Initially, the quarters code was based on the a very square, eye-chart style version of the letter E, with elements removed for each quarter, producing what can be described as E, C, L and I, but the C is rather stylized, each following the year letter.

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This was very similar to the "51 Special". This pen looks similar to the Mark II.