Dating a guy with no experience What’s Great About Inexperienced Women (and What Isn’t)

Dating a guy with no experience

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I'm fairly routine and boring individual, and I just found in dating, when I didn't get laughed at for talking to people, that we just had nothing in common. I'll glance at Dilbert if I've got the sunday paper, dating a hot guy never been enthralled by it and now I'm happy about that….

They just care that they're Christian, dating a guy with no experience, and that you don't have sex.

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You and I may know that experience isn't the be-all of romantic performance, but you can't debate someone into liking you or looking past what society around them says about themselves or other people to like you. So, you can obviously talk to women, you have female friends, you talk about having MORE female friend than before, which means you've gotten somewhere. My friends still refer to it as the dark ages in my life, and I owe them greatly for dealing with my bullshit, cause they really did not need to.

Hey! Chase Amante here.

Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone. No lie, it does feel kind of like you're standing still when all of your friends get married and you've never even had a long term relationship. Nobody sets up comic shop mixers. Yeah I'm not really sure how to explain this feeling to be honest.

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My brother is turning 33 in a few days, and he always finds himself skewing towards much younger women, not because he's not attracted to women his age, but because in life experience terms, he feels like he has more in common with the younger women. What I see from the numbers in table 10 of the CDC is that 15—19 year-olds have an average of 1. And my experiences with these men have overall been dating a guy with no experience.

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I choose not to date now, and while that may mean I spend the rest of my days alone, but at my age I'm just too far behind in regards to life experiences. But that's sort of, as you put it, a hook. That's a good place to spill, and also a good place to listen.

In theory I would be all about trying my best to satisfy a lover and get satisfaction from that. I was actually trying to say that each year set does include all those age ranges, and in the larger breakdowns I don't see the numbers changing that much.

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No one's perfect, and 'perfect' isn't the key to getting some attraction going. I mean, there are things that change, certain opportunities that may vanish. I've dated and had long-term relationships with several of these guys.

And that can give you the confidence to give it one hell of a go.


Not in a roundabout entitlement way like "oh, but I still expect it to happen eventually", but as an acknowledgement that life is particular is very random and it doesn't make sense to try to figure out any "rules" or how to make the outcome.

When I'm looking at six months of travel next year, even someone we are dating but he doesnt call I have good chemistry with is probably not a good match if he's feeling pretty settled.

I would disagree with you in the sense that "people who have women throwing themselves at them" don't have something extra than most of the rest of us.

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I guess at times it feels like you have so much to learn that it can feel overwhelming. I knew a guy who passed up several very lovely women because his oneitis was the one for him…even after she married…he swore it was just a matter of time.

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I've done tweaks here and there but while I'm totally fine for small talk or making someone laugh unless they are totally humorless it never transitions to the next level. Well then, you can still have a small army of committed friends that got your back. Even if you may end up not placing as many bets, every bet is a win.

That's my own personal hangup though.