Dating a girl youre not attracted to This Is Why I Won’t Date Someone I’m Not Immediately Attracted To

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Are you one of those guys who had amazing women in your life but rejected them over physical things in favor of someone less compatible but more hot? Draw what strength you can from it, and don't you fucking dare tell me that strength is not enough. Just have a great friend that you enjoy being around.

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Page 1 of 6. If you can't even get over it now, it ain't gonna get easier let me tell you.

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ForeverAlone submitted 2 years ago by noonetoshare. Maybe dating your mundanely cute best friend is a better time.

Dating someone you're not physically attracted to

What I'm hearing is that she's, well, sort of attractive enough for you. Everything we did together was fun.

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Not all of us are porn addicts. Another boyfriend of mine was a relatively normal to attractive guy. I know it's hard to quantify this but if it's purely physical you mentioned that you were capable of talking to her for hours try and mentally crate an acceptable range you can tolerate and see how far she is from that.

You said that you had a good time with her - was that due to just having someone to do fun activities with or was she the reason that you had fun?

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It might be easier for you to look for reasons to shut a person out than face potential rejection from them. Like her finding out I'm not all that physically attracted to her, or breaking her heart because something hotter came along.

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Plenty of non-FA men never initiate though. Early dating is a time for experimentation, and you've met her relatively recently, so you're not ruining a BFF or anything. And why would you say. Uglier people usually have uglier partners, this doesn't mean uglier people are attracted to uglier partners, just that you can make things work without the initial attraction. Make a list all the things that you find unattractive about the person.

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To find out how much of a statistical outlier you are check out the below pdf by the CDC.